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How much is a shuffleboard?

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How much is a shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard is a great activity for the entire family to enjoy. If you’ve ever wanted to have your own shuffleboard, there are some things you need to consider. The price of a shuffleboard table will vary depending on a number of factors such as size, how it’s constructed, its style and more. As shuffleboard prices can be so diverse, it’s a good idea to consider what you value from a table most and if you’re willing to sacrifice features and quality to meet a certain budget.  

Generally, the best shuffleboard tables are longer in size, use premium materials, are constructed to last for years and are made by a reputable brand. While this is reflected in the overall cost, a quality shuffleboard table is always a worthy investment.   


Factors that affect shuffleboard cost

Table size

Table size is understandably one of the most important factors when it comes to shuffleboard prices. With shuffleboard tables ranging from 9ft to 22ft in length, keeping all other factors the same, you can expect the 9ft table to set you back less than the larger 22ft table. 

At Uxuan Sports, we stock two of the most popular shuffleboard table sizes. Our 9ft Ellensbrook Shuffleboard Table and 12ft Ellensbrook Shuffleboard Table are both affordable, quality shuffleboard tables. More likely to fit within your budget and space, our 9ft and 12ft shuffleboard tables are a fun addition to your games room that everyone will enjoy.

Materials and wood

What your table is made from will also affect the overall shuffleboard table cost. This is because higher-quality materials require a greater financial investment from manufacturers, which will likely then be passed onto you when purchasing.

Solid hardwoods such as Birch and Boxwood are exceptionally durable and make great options for shuffleboard tables. All our shuffleboard tables are made from these high-quality materials, ensuring that the tables are less likely to be dented and damaged, thereby increasing the lifespan of your shuffleboard table. In contrast, budget-friendly beginner tables may use plywood or medium-density fibre wood. 


The style of your shuffleboard table may also impact its price. Shuffleboards come in a range of styles to ensure they work cohesively with the aesthetics of a space. With a variety of woods to choose from and the craftsmanship of many different manufacturers, there is definitely a style to suit everyone. Ranging from traditional shuffleboards with carved legs and curvy lines to modern, rustic and industrial shuffleboards with concrete leg designs, plus bank-style shuffleboards, you will be able to select a style that suits your taste and budget.


Different brands and manufacturers offer shuffleboards at various price points. There are brands that offer starter tables at a more budget-conscious price. If you choose to invest in a premium brand, you can expect the shuffleboard to be made of higher quality materials and as such, the table will last longer. If you are eager to have the shuffleboard table for many years, it may be a good idea to stick with higher-quality shuffleboard brands.   

Quality materials

The best shuffleboard table for your needs will strike the right balance between quality and your budget.

High-quality shuffleboard tables should be coated with scratch-resistant materials that minimise the likelihood of damage occurring from fast puck movement. The best shuffleboard table brands will also ensure that the legs of the table are built to withstand even the most intense shuffleboard games. Additionally, you should expect a top-quality shuffleboard table to have leg-level adjusters, which will allow you to play on any uneven surfaces.

While these features make up a quality table, when weighing up different shuffleboard prices, you can search for products that have as many or as few of the most important features to you. This is a good way to minimise the financial investment required to buy your shuffleboard table.


There are a number of shuffleboard accessories available to improve the lifespan of your table and maximise the entertainment value of your table. If you decide to purchase additional shuffleboard parts and accessories, it is likely that this will be an added (and worthwhile) investment you need to make for your table.

Some of the best shuffleboard accessories include a table cover for when your shuffleboard is not in use and wax to be used prior to a game. During a game, many people opt to add chairs to their space to encourage spectatorship.

The basics of shuffleboard

Once you’ve chosen the perfect shuffleboard table for your game, space and personal taste, it’s time to start playing. Shuffleboard is a fun and competitive game that can be played by people of all ages and skill levels. Shuffleboard is a great way to get people to socialise within the home, or at bars and pubs if shuffleboard tables are available.

The fundamentals of shuffleboard are relatively easy to grasp, but developing your skills as a player will take practice. You can play shuffleboard in a 1v1 or 2v2 format. To play, each team will take it in turns sliding the weights down the board. To win the points for your turn, your weights must have travelled further than your opponents, without falling off the table. It’s important that only one team scores points per round. This will continue until one team is first to 15 or 21 points, depending on the winning score you agreed upon at the beginning of the game.

The best way to perfect your shuffleboard skills is to practice. Purchasing your own shuffleboard table will give you a competitive advantage over other players and allow you to develop your skills and have fun in your own home.

Buy a shuffleboard table, Australia

At Uxuan Sports, our shuffleboard tables strike the perfect balance between quality and affordability.

We stock a range of indoor sports equipment to suit the needs of all skill levels, from beginner to pro-grade, ensuring that everyone can join in on the fun. Browse our range of shuffleboards today and enjoy fast two-day delivery across Melbourne and a premium shuffleboard table Australia-wide delivery service throughout the rest of the country.

To discuss which shuffleboard table is most suitable for your needs, give us a call today on (03) 9888 9595 or contact us through our online enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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