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How to keep your kids safe on a trampoline

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How to keep your kids safe on a trampoline

An outdoor trampoline is a staple of the Australian backyard, enjoyed by kids (and their parents) for generations. But ask any parent and they’ll tell you that trampolines can be as dangerous as they are fun, and if you’ve decided to buy one you should also know how to enjoy it safely.

If you’re wondering how to keep your kids safe, the experts at Uxuan Sports are here to help you with this trampoline guide.

Choosing the right trampoline

The first step of trampoline safety is making sure that it is the safest model possible for your family. Modern trampolines are quite different to how most adults remember them – gone are the traditional exposed springs and completely open design from just a few years ago.

Nowadays, a trampoline for kids should have padding around the side to prevent anybody from getting caught in the springs as they expand and flex with each jump; there are even some springless trampolines available on the market.

Most modern trampolines will also come with a tall net on every side that will stop any jumpers from accidentally falling off onto the ground. Just this net alone has been shown to dramatically reduce the rates of broken bones from trampolining accidents.

 Tips to keep your family safe

Once you have your modern trampoline with its built-in safety features, there are still a few things that your family needs to be aware of to make sure that you can jump as safely as possible.

Wait until they’re old enough

Just like any activity involving kids, trampolines have a recommended age limit before they’re allowed to join in on the fun. Generally you should wait until they’re at least six years old before you let them onto the mat. Older children should be supervised at all times, just in case they do manage to hurt themselves and need to be looked after immediately. 

Pick the right spot

Trampolines should only ever be set up on soft, flat ground (preferably grass). You should never set one up directly above concrete, unless you have plenty of purpose-built trampoline mats that will cushion any accidental falls your child might take.

You should treat the space above the trampoline with just as much caution, and make sure there isn’t anything directly over or too close to the bounce-zone either. This can mean tree branches, garden sheds and clotheslines.

Check the trampoline regularly

It’s always a good idea to visually inspect the trampoline before your kids use it, checking the mat for any signs of significant wear or any holes that might be forming. You should also look over the springs of your trampoline and make sure that they look like they’re in good condition. If you see any signs of rust or that any screws are working their way loose, don’t let your kids jump on the trampoline until it can be inspected and/or repaired.

You also should only let them jump when the mat is completely dry, so they don’t slip and possibly injure themselves.

Lay down some ground rules

The best way to keep your kids from getting hurt on a trampoline is to make sure they understand what they need to do to keep safe. Simple rules, like only jumping on it one at a time can dramatically reduce any risk. Making sure children know not to jump off the trampoline, but climb down off the edge, will also help to keep them from getting hurt.

As a general rule, you should treat a trampoline with the same caution and respect you would treat an outdoor swimming pool – make sure that your kids are old enough to enjoy it, are following all of your safety rules and are never unsupervised while they’re playing. 

The trampolining experts

Are trampolines safe, then? There is always a risk that comes with playing outdoors, but your kids can be made safer if you treat them with respect and always make sure your kids are obeying a few simple rules.

If you’re interested in picking up a trampoline, but aren’t sure what the right fit will be for your or your family, get in touch with the experts at Uxuan Sports today – we’ll be happy to help answer any questions you have about trampolines and all other kinds of backyard games and activities. 

Call us on (03) 9888 9595, or fill out our online contact form at any time. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!
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