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How To Pick The Best Lights For Camping

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How To Pick The Best Lights For Camping

Camping outdoors can be a rejuvenating experience, but any veteran camper knows how dark nights can become. The last thing you want to worry about at your campsite is stumbling around in the dark without a quality light. You can better equip yourself for unexpected situations by being conscious of the purpose, portability and functionality of your lights.

How Do You Find The Best Camping Lamp?

There is no singular best camp lamp, because no two trips are exactly the same. The ideal light depends on a variety of factors, including the type of trip, personal preference and your particular needs. This guide can help you decide what lights to bring on your next camping trip by breaking down the key factors.

Safety Considerations

The bare minimum for lighting is a head torch, a standard torch and spare batteries. However, it is better to bring more lights than you think you need just in case. If camping in a group, ensure everyone knows where the spare lights are in case of an emergency.


Different lights can be used for different purposes, from providing functionality to entertainment. 

General Lighting

Area lights are used for illuminating a particular section of your campsite. The most common types and their advantages include:

  • Flood light: An extremely bright light that can provide lighting for an entire campsite.
  • Lantern: A hangable light ideal for casting light in 360 degrees. The best camping lantern options are weather resistant, rechargeable and have a dimming option.
  • Tent light: Designed for inside your tent.

Personal Lighting

Personal light sources are often portable but not as bright. The most common two are torches and headlamps. 

With an activity as physical as camping, headlamps are often best. Head torch camping has the added benefit of providing light whilst keeping both of your hands free.


When camping in groups, it is ideal for everyone to have a personal source of lighting alongside emergency backups. On family camping trips, providing each child with a kid-friendly camping headlight can help you locate them in the dark and give them peace of mind.

Entertainment Lighting

If setting up camp for several days, you can improve comfort and relaxation by packing fun lighting options. 


Setting up a colourful LED strip or fairy lights across a neighbouring tree can transform your campsite into an fantastical forest hideaway. This can be especially fun when camping with young children, who may find comfort in more spectacular lighting options.


Consider investing in lighting options that have added entertainment functionality. Camping lanterns with in-built bluetooth speakers are a great option for minimising your packing load whilst improving convenience.


Depending on your trip, you should consider the level of portability you require.

Standing Lamps

Whilst a standing lamp is terrific for setting up a primary campsite light, it can take up valuable packing space and be troublesome when relocating.

An in-between option is bringing a multifunctional camp lamp. This option is small enough to pack comfortably, with the added bonus of being able to hang up or stand depending on your campsite limitations.

Portable Lamps

Another option is to bring a lamp specifically designed with portability in mind. There are some great solar powered lamps available on the market that can be easily set up and recharged.

Power Source

The most traditional power source for camp lighting are batteries. The downside with this option is that they rely entirely on their battery life. When bringing a battery-powered light, always bring spare batteries with you. 

Rechargeable Lights

There are a number of rechargeable lighting options available. These are often charged using a charging port or solar energy, so consider what type will suit you best. Solar camping lights are ideal if you do not have a power source to charge from.

If you need to charge at night, a charging port rechargeable may be best. Rechargeable camping lights come in a wide variety of options. You should aim to invest in a long-lasting lighting option and charge prior to your trip, reducing the amount of times you need to use your power source.

Portable Power Sources

If bringing lighting that needs to charge, consider bringing an OUTLUX portable power station with you. Many of these power stations can be paired with solar panels that are capable of storing more energy than a solar lamp.

Comfort and Convenience

A factor to consider when choosing a light is convenience. Look for lights that have multiple modes and controls, such as the ability to tilt, position or dim. A perfect example of a convenient lamp is the multifunctional OUTLUX camping fan, which provides both cooling and lighting.

Your One-Stop Shop For Your Next Adventure

Camping can be a relaxing experience when you prepare appropriately. For the best and brightest camping light options, you can rest easy knowing that Uxuan’s new camping collection has you covered. 

Uxuan has a range of camping options that put quality, convenience and safety at the forefront. Browse their new OUTLUX camping range to light up your next adventure today.

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