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Should you buy your toddler a scooter?

By :UXUAN SPORTS 0 comments
Should you buy your toddler a scooter?

The popularity of kid’s scooters has exploded in recent years, as more and more parents realise that they’re a fun way to introduce their little one to physical activity. There are many physical, cognitive and interpersonal benefits to introducing them to a scooter at a young age.

The health benefits of toddler scooters

It goes without saying that kids are moving less and less these days – the Australian Department of Health and Aged care says that more than 70% of children aged 2–17 did not meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity.s

Making exercise a part of early childhood is vital to ensuring that they grow up with an appreciation for physical fitness and enjoy outside play! One of the most fun ways to get this started is with a scooter, for toddlers in particular.

Getting on a scooter can rapidly help to train fine motor skills, as they learn to coordinate their arms and legs independently. It also has a great effect on their problem-solving capabilities as well as balance and coordination. These are vital skills that need to be developed, and will help with future milestones like learning to ride a bike!

The independence of a scooter can also make your child happier and more outgoing. Being able to fully control their movement at their own pace can be extraordinarily freeing, even if an adult is right behind them at all times. This is especially important for toddlers, who are just starting to develop their sense of self.

With any luck, their friends will also begin learning how to ride a scooter and they’ll be able to enjoy their freedom together!

Are scooters for toddlers safe?

Safety is a top concern for any good parent, and many might be apprehensive about letting their child on a scooter – toddler bodies aren’t the most coordinated, after all.

Luckily, scootering can be quite a safe experience, as long as you take a few necessary precautions. This includes basic safety like making sure they wear a properly fitted helmet every time they ride. You should also ensure that you’re constantly checking the fit of your toddler’s helmet as they grow, always making sure that it’s as secure as possible.

You also might want to invest in knee and elbow pads, so that if/when they come off their scooter, they may only end up with minor bumps and bruises.

It could also be a good opportunity to explain to your child how the rules of the road work – what red and green lights mean, what a pedestrian crossing looks like and when it’s safe to cross the road. Even though they won’t be near a road unsupervised, having road safety knowledge from an early age is only going to make their time on two (or three) wheels that much safer.

The children’s scooter experts

If you have any questions about the specifics of scooters for kids, or want to speak to an expert about the right choice for your child, get in touch with the passionate team at U-Xuan Sports today. We’re available to answer any questions you might have and ready to get your little one going with their very own scooter!

Give us a call on 03 9888 9595, or fill out our online contact form, today.

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